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I've recently re-re-opened this blog as of 10/17/13 and it makes me super happy.
My name is Leesh and this fandom is amazing.
I post everything and anything supernatural.
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this is some anon smut i wrote for gabrielle in her inbox. i cant stay on anon too long tho. hehe.
"Dean," Castiel breathed loudly, his throat becoming hoarse from the ungodly amounts of deep groans escaping from his vocal cords, vibrating off of the walls of the cheap motel and dancing underneath of Dean’s sweaty skin. The hunter could only respond by biting harder into Castiel’s neck, bruising the tender flesh there and claiming his hips with calloused hands. He grinded roughly against the breathless angel beneath him, sucking at his pulsating vein and releasing his own collection of growls

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